Previous editions

GSEF organises biennial international forums with its member cities across the continents. It is one of the most prestigious international gatherings on social economy, bringing together all stakeholders from international organisations, local/central governments and civil society networks. GSEF Forums serve as a platform for mutual learning, agenda setting, and knowledge exchange.

GSEF2013: 'New Discovery of Collaboration' (5-7 Nov 2013, Seoul, Korea)

GSEF2014: [Inaugural meeting]: 'Solidarity for Change' (17-19 Nov 2014, Seoul, Korea)

GSEF2015: Steering Committee meeting (4-5 Nov 2015, Seoul, Korea)

GSEF2016: 'Local Governments and Social Economy Stakeholders – Allies for the intelligent and sustainable development of cities' (7-9 Sept 2016, Montreal, Canada)

GSEF2018: 'Social Economy and Cities – Values and competitiveness for an inclusive and sustainable local development' (1-3 Oct 2018, Bilbao, Spain)

Preparatory Sessions GSEF2021: Virtual Forum (21-23 Oct 2020)

GSEF2021: : 'Social and Solidarity Economy for sustainable, inclusive development and Wellbeing' (2021, Mexico City, Mexico)