Executive Board

National Institute of Social Economy

The National Institute of Social Economy (INAES) is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Welfare. Its purpose is to implement public policies for the promotion and development of the social sector of the economy, in order to strengthen and consolidate the sector as one of the pillars of economic and social development in the country, through participation, education, research, dissemination and support of productive projects in the sector.

Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development is responsible for defining and coordinating Mexico City's economic policy so that economic growth and employment are sustained within a framework of legal, regulatory and regulatory certainty, that foments the innovation, investment and the development of economic activities, focusing on improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Mexico City.

Ministryof Labor and Employment Promotion

The main objectives of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Mexico City (StyFE because of ist acronym in spanish) are to promote and guarantee decent work in the capital, through programs and actions that focus on generating quality jobs and improving the ones that already exist. In this sense, STyFE's actions are based on the perspectives of gender, human labor rights and inclusion of all the people who live and work in Mexico City, recognizing the human dignity of working people and their condition as subjects of rights. Other StyFE’s programs include the Unemployment Insurance Program, the Cooperative Development Program and the Decent Work Promotion Program.

General Coordination of Advisers and International Affairs

The General Coordination of Advisers and International Affairs (CGAAI because of its acronym in spanish) is the area of the Government Headquarters, mainly in charge of advising on strategic programs and projects, as well as leading the international action of the Government of Mexico City. The CGAAI is made up of the Executive Directorate for International Cooperation, the Executive Directorate for Institutional Representation and the Group of Advisors on Programs and Strategic Projects.